We invite you to join us on Wanderfoot Adventure #1; a journey up the West Coast… east to the Rockies… and back to California! We will be on the road mid-July through August… until who knows when?!  It is our job to scout out the most creative people, places and things along the way… and share what we find with you!  Our motto is simple… unique, high quality & cool!  Join us on the adventure by following the Wanderfoot roadmap, checking in with our scouts on Wandertok (smartphone app), watching our web video series and communicating with us via our social media (Blog, Facebook & Twitter).

You are our guides… and we want to hear what you have to say!  Do you know of a RAD place to stay that is far off the beaten path… the type of place with directions like “take a right at the green church, at the second cattle guard turn down the dirt road, park by the old saw mill and start hiking towards the sound of the water… cross the rope bridge and you will find the treehouse on the other side of the waterfall”!  Do you know of an amazing wood sculptor that lives high up on the cliffs on the other side of the mountain?!  Or maybe a glass blower that lives off the grid in a yurt deep in the forest?!  Or maybe a graffiti artists that lives in an old subway tunnel under the old part of the city?! We want to learn about these hidden gems and share the stories! (please email us! discover@wanderfoot.com)

Was there a ‘specific something’ that you came across last year in an obscure little market that you really wished you would have bought?!  If you can help guide us there, we will try to find it, purchase it… and ship it to you!  Consider us something like your personal scouts, adventurers and shoppers.  Let us know your passions, interests and desires… and we will do our best to track them down!

A few key values we hold tight to our vest as we wander… creativity, curiosity, integrity and respect.  It is our intention to spread good vibes and share inspiration with everyone we come across.  Wanderfoot is about the journey, not necessarily the destination… and we invite you to join us on the adventure!

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