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Greetings friends and Wanderfoot community!!

It is with great honor and pride that I share with you The Eagle & Condor Project, which will be our guiding compass on Adventure #2!!  Eric and I will be utilizing the tools and technology available to us to share the wisdom of Native people and communities we have the honor to meet with on our journey.

In these modern times of high tech everything, we are choosing to utilize technology to get back to the basics, and focus on the roots of our shared humanity – traveling full circle and bringing awareness back to simple and meaningful pleasures of life.

There are many cultural traditions that are at risk of being lost in our current fast-paced, profit-driven, consumer-based society.  We here at Wanderfoot do not want to see this happen. We are utilizing film equipment, computers, social media and internet technologies to share meaningful stories with the world and help preserve cultural traditions in any way we can.

Yes we could sit around and use technology to play video games that promote violence, fear, competition and purposeless entertainment (a multi-billion dollar industry).  Yet we are choosing something different, we are choosing to utilize technology in a way that mutually benefits all beings on the planet and the ecosystem itself.  We are utilizing technology to study and create new societal models that are environmentally sustainable and socially just.

If you know of any people, projects or places of cultural significance along our route that you feel would be interested in and relevant to this project please let us know!!

With love and gratitude,
Joshua and the Wanderfoot Team

Eagle & Condor Project

White-Bellied Sea Eagle

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