This is open-source content shared by One Community.  One Community is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer organization that designs and open source free-shares comprehensive solutions for all aspects of what we feel is a more fulfilled way of living.

Low-impact development housing is housing we consider for The Highest Good because it is more cost effective, lasts longer, and is built from resources that are readily available. We are operating as a sustainability think tank to demonstrate and build 7 different communal living mini-village models of 15-100 residences as examples and prototypes for self-sufficient and duplicable teacher/demonstration communities, villages and cities to be built around the world. Each village model will represent a different ecobuild methodology that incorporates food production, sustainable energy, and ultra-affordable and eco-friendly living. All village models are designed with four things in mind:

  • Our open source goals to free-share complete plans for cost effective eco-building
  • Showcasing the broad diversity, benefits, and differences of all the various eco-home options
  • Demonstrate eco-housing as artistic, innovative, and beautiful expressions of this way of living
  • Maximized functionality while each contributing something unique to the fulfilled living environment

The images here demonstrate the plans for the straw bale architecture village (Pod 2), which is the second of seven different sustainable village models to be built. The straw bale village was chosen as the second village to be built because it will demonstratemodularly expandable sustainable housing. It demonstrates the straw bale method of construction along with many eco-artistic external and functional internal options.

Join us on our upcoming Joshua Tree Eco-Design Tour to learn about various inspiring methods of natural building!!

Tour dates: Oct 17-18th

Join us on upcoming tour!

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Symposium date: Oct 16th

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