Wanderfoot is an adventure company that inspires creative, healthy and mindful decisions in life!

Wanderfoot Buddha

In every moment of life we have the opportunity to make decisions.  Here at Wanderfoot we choose the following…

  • Creative: an innovative weave of utility & artistic expression
  • Mindful: intentions, thoughts and actions that support the collective good of all
  • Adventurous: courageously stepping into the mystery, magic & meaning of life

Company Culture & Worldview

  • operate a socially and ecologically conscious business that is mutually beneficial for all involved
  • slow down, breath, enjoy the simple pleasures in life and focus on what we truly value
  • act with integrity, respect, honesty, authenticity, transparency and an attitude of gratitude
  • focus on the positive: identify challenges and create solutions

We believe it all starts with intention.  Our intention here at Wanderfoot is to…

  • integrate our passions and our purpose together into one potent source of creativity and inspiration
  • inspire mindful decisions that support the collective good
  • harness the power of technology to connect people with shared values
  • value our community of scouts, guides, guests and Travel Journal subscribers as co-creators and participants in a common world vision
  • create a consumer culture that is well educated and knowledgeable of what they support when purchasing goods and services
  • value creativity and beauty as important and powerful components of society
  • create a healthy balance of utility and creative expression
  • inspire the purchase of local artisan made goods and support local artisanal economies
  • preserve native cultures, traditions and wisdom
  • inspire the use of sustainable materials & processes in the production of goods
  • establish a healthy societal balance of local custom artisan skills and industrial technology
  • promote efficient use of energy and minimize the amount of waste created in the world
  • support the optimal health of individuals, community & environment simultaneously
  • provide an interactive, creative, enjoyable, informative, transformative and experiential way for people to explore the world

 We believe when our hearts and action are in alignment with working towards the collective good for all, life finds a healthy and natural balance.

…be wanderous my friends!!