Take a walk on the wild side… in style!!!  Welcome to Treebones Resort, a unique community of wonderful people and elegant yurts perched upon a spectacular overlook of big sur and the pacific ocean!  This place is guaranteed to calm the mind and inspire the soul!  Take a deep breath of fresh air as you watch the fog gently roll along the base of the hills while soaking in the warm sun on the deck of your private yurt.  Feel your worries melt away as your hear the breeze dancing through the trees… treat your taste buds to a delicious treat at the sushi bar… and sway to the natural rhythm of life while surrounded by pristine beauty.  The sharp edges of life gently transform into a fluid mosaic of creativity and inspiration while living in the ‘round’.

This family run business has created a conscious off-grid community of staff and friends in Big Sur that generate their own power, grow organic food, drink water from the natural springs and volunteer with the local fire department.  All in all this is a place of class, elegance and purpose… providing visitors with a welcoming, unique and transformational experience! (see website)

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