THANK YOU so much for taking the time to meet with us and for becoming part of the Wanderfoot family!!  Our community is growing everyday and we are so honored that you are part of it!!  Thank you for contributing your creativity, beauty, intention and inspiration – we look forward to sharing your story & inspiration with the world!!

To best facilitate the sharing of stories here on Wanderfoot to their fullest potential, it is important that we complete building the interactive components of our digital magazine.  This will allow us to share your story in ALL of its BEAUTIFUL GLORY!!  Our Indiegogo Campaign is currently our primary  source of fuel to accomplish this goal.  If you like what we are doing and would like to help us, we would REALLY APPRECIATE you sharing this project with your friends and giving us a little shout on social media!!  

We have made it really easy to do this, if you choose to do so.  Just copy and paste the text below into your Facebook page (or other social media channels) and shebang… our story is shared!!  We hope we are not tooting our own horn too much… we just wanted to make it really easy for you!  Of course you can write your own statement of what feels true to you and your heart. 🙂

—>> We just had the opportunity to meet with the Wanderfoot team!  These guys are working on an awesome project to create a digital magazine that features unique artisan goods and off-the-beaten-path travel information from around the world.  We are honored to be one of the ‘Featured Stories’ in their Travel Journal for Adventure #2!  This project is about building a community of creative and conscious folks that are connected through this digital magazine.  They currently have an Indiegogo Campaign running that will provide them with the funds necessary to design, build and launch this digital magazine in all its glory!!  These guys are driven by purpose, passion and intention… please consider contributing to their campaign!!


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