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Greetings  *Industry Influencer*  !

I am honored to introduce an exciting new educational program of Eco-Design Tours developed with the intention of creating a healthy and sustainable planet!  Our 1st pilot tour is scheduled for October 16-18,  we cordially invite you to join us on the adventure!  We are curating a very select and prestigious audience for this tour composed of influential individuals in the industries of architecture, renewable energy, natural resource management, engineering, construction, education and civic/public policy.

Our desire is to bring together creative and intelligent individuals from diverse backgrounds in order to discover and explore various perspectives on the topic of sustainable community development.  There is only space for 11 people on this tour.  For this reason we are doing our best to ensure that every seat is filled with talented individuals such as yourself, that have knowledge and experience to contribute to the discussion.  We invite YOU to join us as a pioneer and be part of our initial focus group to further develop and improve upon the educational programming for these tours.  **AIA & USGBC members will receive continuing education credits for this tour**

We are not looking to profit financially from this event, rather we are seeking to gain wisdom and insight from inspiring individuals that want to help us create the most enjoyable, informative and transformational experiences possible.  We offer you an invitation to join us for the base cost of the event.  The ticket cost of $225 covers our base expenses to pay for our teachers, lodging, site visit fees, continuing education fees, rock climbing guides/equipment, and rental teaching space.

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer and will consider joining us this October for an unforgettable 3 day adventure with inspiring colleagues and peers!!  This is an invitation to come together in collaboration with thought leaders from a diverse array of industries to reflect upon, discuss and co-create an educational experience focused on forward thinking design solutions that will lead to a healthy and sustainable global society!

With gratitude and respect,
Joshua Alvord
CEO / Co-Founder

Oct 16 (Friday) / San Diego Sustainable Design Symposium

 Oct 17 – 18 (Saturday, Sunday) / Joshua Tree Eco-Design Tour

Purchase *Special Invite* 3 Day Ticket ~ $225

*please do not forward this link to anyone else as this is a special invitation for a very select group of individuals*


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