Greetings Friends!!!

We here at Wanderfoot are focusing on growing our community of creative and conscious folks – and we need your help!!  We are getting ready to launch our Indiegogo campaign on July 2nd and could really use the assistance of someone (or several people) with Social Media Management and Promotion experience.  This whole project is driven by purpose and we are hoping to find some like-minded friends that share our vision and would like to be part of the team helping bring this vision to fruition!!  (See values here)

A guiding component of this vision is ‘The Eagle & Condor Project’ which will be launching in July as well.

If you are passionate about…

  • preserving native cultures & traditions
  • supporting local artisans & economies
  • inspiring people to make conscious decisions when purchasing goods that support environmental sustainability and social justice

… then we would LOVE to work together with you!!!

We really need help on the Social Media Management side of things specifically through the month of July until our Indiegogo campaign closes.  After July we would still LOVE to have you work with us and continue building our community – yet July is the BIG focus right now!!!

Ideally we are looking for people with experience in crowdfunding campaigns and/or social media management… yet if you don’t have this experience and just want to jump in and start helping us spread the wordthat is great too!!!

With love and gratitude,
The Wandefoot Team
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