Goals & Objectives:

We (tour guides) spend 1-2 weeks in future tour destinations scouting out basic tour needs.

  • Lodging for 8-12 guests plus 1-2 tour guides (ideally the lodging structures demonstrate examples of ecologic design, yet not mandatory)
  • Green building projects, architects and designers that can be visited on our tours
  • Permaculture projects and/or organic farms that can be visited on our tours
  • Local permaculture teacher:  teach our 2 day introduction to Permaculture curriculum specifically created for architects and designers (day 1 = 8 hour classroom lecture | day 2 = 4 hour hands-on workshop)
  • Yoga teacher:  teach our tour specific curriculum/classes created specifically for architects and designers (1.5 hour classes | 8 day tours: 4-5 classes | 3 day tours: 3 classes)
  • Nutrition teacher and chef:  instruct our guests in creating a meal with ingredients harvested from our garden tour and educational lecture on recommended nutrition for a well-balanced healthy diet)
  • Local restaurants and cafes: preferably farm-to-table and organic options
  • Nature excursions:  adventure activities that provide time for our guests in nature (varying levels of physical difficulty)
  • Transportation: van/vehicle that can transport up to 14 people with luggage (ideally the transportation will be powered by renewable sources of energy ie. electric/bio-diesel etc., yet not mandatory)

Scouting Trip Needs:

We aim to accomplish our scouting goals in the most efficient & affordable manner possible.

  • Places to stay:  While on location, exploring the local area we look for permiculture projects, organic farms or sustainable communities where we can camp in exchange for work.
  • Transportation:  When possible we use buses and public transportation, yet some of the locations we need to visit may not be accessible by public transportation.  Our hopes are to find a local resident (that is passionate about sustainability) with an old, extra car that they would be willing to rent to us for several days or a week for a reasonable price.

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