Our scouting teams are always on the search for inspiring NEW people, places and things to include in our ‘Educational Adventures’ here on Wanderfoot!!!  

Click on the images below to discover what we have found!

Maui Scouting Adventure

~ Aloha~ This was actually our 1st adventure in 2012… check out sailing on the Kainani… Willy’s beautiful tiki carvings… Steve Turnbull’s stunning wood carvings… and a lot more!!! ~ Mahalo~

Scouting Adventure #1

This was our first “official” scouting adventure beginning in July of 2013.  We explored Northern California, Oregon and Washington… and found so many jewels!! Check them out!!

Scouting Adventure #2

Our 2nd Scouting Adventure beginning July 4th, 2014!! Check out our explorations of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California!!!

2014-07-11 20.03.02

Stay tuned … more to come!!!

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