We invite you to experience 1st hand the beauty, elegance, creativity and mindful design of Sacred Sands Bed & Breakfast!!  Sacred Sands will be one of the stops on our Joshua Tree Eco-Design Tour.  Be prepared to be aww-mazed and inspired by this magical place designed and built from strawbales!!

Visit Sacred Sands on the Joshua Tree Eco-Design Tour

Sunday, Oct 18th

Learn about Natural Building at the San Diego Sustainable Design Symposium

Friday, Oct 16th

Poised on a hill at the west entrance to Joshua Tree National Park, Sacred Sands offers luxury accommodations unlike anything in the high desert. This strawbale home was built with the modern guest in mind. The ultimate in privacy, comfort, restfulness, healthfulness, and beauty also affords you some of the most spectacular views around. The serenity is unparalleled. Your sleeping and resting comfort is assured. An extraordinary bathing experience is yours, both inside and out. Our breakfasts are innovative, healthy and delicious. Access to the National Park is instantaneous!!


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