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Pardon the disheveled look of this video… I’m learning that when the inspiration hits the moment to act in NOW… not later… because sometimes we never get around to the later.  So here ya go… the next chapter of ‘reflections from the road’… a few morning thoughts about being back home at the end of Adventure #2, and what are the next steps?!

If you are interested please take a look at the video and let me know what you think about the creative/caring/conscious citizen campaign?!  I would love and appreciate real feedback and thoughts.  I don’t want this to just be me ranting my ideologies into a camera… I want this to be a creative, collaborative, well-thought out endeavor that leads to real positive change on the planet.  I want this to be something that inspires people to pause, think, and really begin making healthy, positive, creative and caring decisions in life.  Something that leads us to healthy, meaningful and fulfilling personal lives; as well as cultivating a healthy planet around us.

As I stated, I am really putting the call out here to you and the rest of the planet – if the topics I’m talking about are of interest to you, and you feel motivated to engage further in this discussion and the possibilities of being involved further in the co-creation of this project, please let me know.  I am totally serious about being open to partnership and collaboration going forward.

For starters, is the mission statement “Inspiring creative and caring/conscious decisions in life” something that you feel you could get behind?  Is this a statement that feels in alignment with your values, and intentions, and is something you could see yourself being part of?  If not, please tell me why?  I’m am totally open to constructive criticism and alternative ideas… if you have a statement you feel is stronger, would be better for marketing or would create an overall more powerful influence of positive change on the planet – please share your ideas!

Next I would like to start a dialogue and conversation about the words ‘caring’ and ‘conscious’.  Which do you feel is the best word for use in this campaign and project?  The Creative and C-? Citizen Campaign? Or do you think just keeping it short is best… “Creative Citizen Campaign” … “Conscious Citizen Campaign”… “Caring Citizen Campaign” ?

At times I prefer the word ‘conscious’, yet sometimes I feel it gets thrown around so much in new-age conversation that we are not really sure what it means?  The word ‘caring’ doesn’t feel as glitzy and glamorous as ‘conscious’- yet it feels real, simple, meaningful and grounded.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this, watch this, reflect and share any thoughts or ideas you have.  You can share your feedback and engage in this is many ways.  You can comment on our Facebook page or any of our other social media channels, or you can email or call me here:

Wishing you all an inspired day filled with creative and caring decisions!!
BIG love

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