Howdy friends… quick update from Big Sur! Sorry we have not checked in, in a few weeks. We had some work to do on the website and smartphone app… that is almost taken care of and we are back to the scouting part of the adventure… finding inspiring people, places and things along the way!

I just had the opportunity to visit Esalen yesterday. All I can say for the moment is WOW… what a phenomenal place!!! I will write more about Esalen soon when we create a profile for them on the website and post the video.

Tomorrow we get to visit the Treebones Resort… and awesome community of yurts perched high up on the mountainside overlooking the Big Sur coast!

If anyone has any great recommendations you would like us to scout out while in this area please shoot us a message on Facebook or email us (! We will check in soon with an update from Treebones.

All the best… be wanderous my friends!
Joshua & Kailea

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