I hope you are all ready to meet an awesome human being that creates awesome instruments!!  It is our pleasure and honor to introduce to you master craftsman and didgeridoo maker Kurosh Showghi.  Kurosh puts his heart and soul into the creation of these beautiful works of art.  For Kurosh it is not about making instruments to sell, it is about creating tools for us to connect to ourselves, the earth, our friends and our communities.  He sees the didgeridoo as a tool and instrument to help us ‘be in the present moment’ and connect to the universal vibration that we are ALL part of!  Kurosh and his lovely wife Paula are some of the most loving and kind people you will ever meet.  Kurosh does not have a website for people to purchase his didgeridoos, he prefers for people come to his home or the Joshua Tree Music Festival and actually play the instruments and see which specific one you feel connected to.  Didgeridoos aside, the experience of meeting Kurosh and Paula is reason enough to take a wander to Joshua Tree!! (connect with Kurosh)

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