Ok… we’ve got something new here!  The other morning I felt called to just share in the moment, from the heart… uncut… unedited… nothing fancy… just real.  With Wanderfoot I’ve begun to realize there is this ‘produced’ cover for our featured articles that represent our core values and vision as a company, yet I also feel it is important for us to embody the values ourselves and live as authentically as possible.  So this “Reflections from the Road” is my attempt at doing this.  This is my attempt at dissolving the border between production/entertainment and reality… and offering anyone who wants… into the backroom of these Wanderfoot Adventures where I and possibly others will share their personal feelings, emotions and experiences of life on the road… in pursuit of purpose… and following the heart.  I find it interesting and beautiful in what we find when we begin to let our guard down!  Welcome to ‘Reflections from the Road’…

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