After an almost 30-mile round trip hike, we re-emerged from Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon!

The crystal clear, blue-green waters of Havasupai Falls are like nothing ever seen before… it was like a waking dream, filled with magic and beauty around every turn.  Having the opportunity to see Mother Earth at work in all her creative glory is quite a blessing.

After seeing pristine natural wonders such as this… one can not help but feel in wonder and awe of this magnificent planet we have the opportunity to walk upon.

This world is AMAZING folks… let’s take care of it… let’s make sure our rivers continue to run full and clear.  These waters are our life-force… our blood… our health… let’s make sure they stay clean!!


explore Havasupai Falls

Edge of the Grand Canyon Entrance to Havasupai Falls

In the canyon on the way to Supai.

Because there are no roads into Supai, mules and horses (and the occasional helecopter) are the only way in, other than a hike. Mail is still delivered by pony express.


To encourage you to keep going...

havaupai falls. The beauty of this place is amazing.


2014-07-27 12.03.39


Havasupai Falls, showing just a hint of the magical blue-green waters.

2014-07-27 12.42.49

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