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Bonita Domes are sustainable and simple structures built using Earthbag Technology as taught by CalEarth. The walls are 18 inches thick made from a mixture of earth and cement (15% of the former, 85% of the latter). This combination provides a thermal mass which cools the homes in the summer and warms them come winter.

The three principles of dome building are arches, geometry, and friction. The four elements in dome building are earth, wind, fire, and air. Within the walls of Bonita Domes, building principles and elements come together resulting in sacred geometric structures that guests can stay in during their next visit to Joshua Tree.


  • A home that can endure so that one may feel a part of her home, as opposed to feelingapart from it
  • A shelter that is resilient against weather and seasons
  • An offering to bestow upon owner/builder Lisa Starr’s children and future generations
  • A community of likeminded people: those who seek to build earth domes and those who wish to dwell within them.


  • Using minimal resources that are readily available to build the homes (that is, the earth around the Pods)
  • Downsizing material things to allow for an opening into this new way of life

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