Who want’s to see a more healthy and sustainable society for our future?! Who is ready to break free from the ‘business/life as usual’ attitude that is so prevalent in our society?! Are you ready to start making more healthy, mindful and sustainable decisions in life?! Are you ready for some adventure?! Are you ready to confront challenges in life and enjoy all of the beautiful opportunities that lay right before us?!

If you are ready, come rock climbing with us and the Joshua Tree Uprising Adventure Guides to explore the edges of your comfort zone!! Explore new opportunities and create new patterns in your life that lead to a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Have faith and courage in yourself, have faith to repel off the side of a boulder and trust the team you are with!! Have faith that by developing new relationships with friends and colleagues that we can work together to create a more sustainable society!! Join us to come together with like-minded friends and collaboratively inspire one another to create the most healthy and beautiful world possible!!


Join us for our Joshua Tree Eco-Lifestyle Adventure!!

October 17-18th
EARLY-BIRD tickets: $290

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