Joshua rarely wears shoes and has wanderfoot running through his veins as one of the co-founders.  Joshua worked as an architectural designer along with co-founder Joe Holasek for several years in San Diego.  The wanderlust struck Josh in 2006 when he departed from traditional design work in the office to seek out architectural inspiration from around the world.  Joshua lived and traveled in an RV (named Gretta) throughout Europe & northern Africa for one year photographing unique and inspiring design every step of the way.  12 months and 40,000 photos later, Joshua returned to the US overflowing with inspiration & stories of a lifetime.  

The 1st iteration of Wanderfoot in 2006 was solely focused on architecture & interior design.  Joshua and Joe’s life paths crossed yet once again in 2011, when Joe sparked the idea of opening up the focus of Wanderfoot to a variety of sources for unique & high-quality inspiration; not solely architecture and interior design.  This brings us to the present evolution of Wanderfoot and our current adventure… discovering inspiring people, places and things from around the world and sharing what we find via our educational adventures!


Joshua’s trusted sidekick is his sweet little dog named Kailea.  Joshua met Kailea on the side of the road in a VW bus when she was 6 weeks old… from that moment on the 2 of them have rambled across the country together creating countless memories.  Kailea is from Mexico with a coyote/shepard mother named Munda, and an unknown father.   The coyote in Kailea provides for a keen sense of tracking.  She can sniff out the scent and follow the trail of creativity better than that of any bloodhound… making her an ideal Wanderfoot scout and co-pilot!  The two of them together make an amazing Wanderfoot team.


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