Welcome to one of the MOST MAGNIFICENT places I have experienced on the planet thus far!!  The magnitude of beauty and majesty that exudes from this piece of heaven can not help but inspire one to want to take care of this beautiful planet!!  It is about a 20-25 mile round trip journey to these magical blue green waters… every step of the way WELL WORTH IT with panoramic views of the Grand Canyon.  There is also the option to take a helicopter in, and/or have horses carry your bags.  Personally I think it makes this pilgrimage all that much more rewarding when you hike in and carry your own gear… a good soul reflection of carrying your own weight!  Once in the canyon there is a beautiful campsite near the falls, as well as a lodge you can stay at in the village.  (see website)

While cradled by these massive canyon walls we had the blessings to enter into meaningful conversations with the High Council of the reservation about The Eagle and Condor Project.  The premise of this project is discovering how native wisdom and modern technology can work together to guide our society forward in a healthy and sustainable way.  We were filled with optimism after a powerful meeting with a Havasupai medicine man named James Uqualla.  The essence of the conversation being how we as humans can work together with all entities to create the most healthy world possible; working with systems that are in harmony and alignment with the natural world.


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