We invite you on a journey of the senses as you delve deep into this magical land!  For centuries native peoples have travelled long distances to soak in the healing waters of Esalen.  Perched upon the side of the mountain, overhanging the cliffs… the hot springs are a divine union of land, sea and self.  Allow your spirit to dance as you hear the song of crashing waves below while witnessing of the play of twinkling stars above.

For thousands of years this has been a sacred land of healing, health and nature.  Fresh waters flow down the canyon walls to greet the salted sea… just as guests from around the globe gather here for world renowned workshops, retreats and classes.  The gravity of this place creates an epicenter for progressive thought leaders, visionaries and philosophy.

Feel your awareness expand as you explore ancient practices of self discovery and forward thinking ways of being in this world.  Experience the welcoming embrace and inspiration of this conscious community of teachers, leaders, staff and guests that learn and grow together.  Delicately balanced on the edge of the western world overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this is a transformational place that cultivates powerful personal growth and self exploration. (see website)

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