Welcome to Wanderfoot, our team cordially invites you to join us on one of our Educational Adventures!  We are committed to providing our guests with inspiring tours and retreats that provide an opportunity for learning and adventure to occur simultaneously.  We curate holistic experiences that inspire creativity, quality and mindfulness in all aspects of life!

(Our tours are small, personalized and intimate; for this reason there is typically only space for 8-14 guests on each adventure.)

**Continuing Education credits available for Industry Professionals**

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Eco-Design Tours

Geared specifically towards architects, engineers, design professionals, builders and anyone with a passion for environmentally-friendly design.  These tours are overflowing with inspiration and information on innovative building systems, materials and practices that are leading to the most healthy global environment and society possible.

**Continuing Education credits available for Design Professionals**

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Eco-Lifestyle & Mindful Living Adventures  (coming soon!)

For guests seeking inspiration to live the most healthy, happy and earth-friendly lifestyle possible.  These adventures are mindfully curated for venturesome souls with a thirst for knowledge and wisdom about daily living practices that lead to a wholesome, well-balanced and rewarding life.

**Continuing Education credits available for Design Professionals**
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Holistic Health Retreats  (coming soon!)

For anyone and everyone in the health world and medical profession with a desire to learn about and experience a diverse array of health and healing modalities.  These potent retreats are a powerful infusion of inspiration and education on holistic and integrated practices of health, medicine and well-being.

**Continuing Education credits available for Healthcare Professionals**
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ArtiZen Adventures  (coming soon!)

For the makers and crafters of the world who enjoy using their hands to create custom, one-of-a-kind goods and art.  These hands-on, educational adventures connect our participants with a local trade guru who will help guide and mentor their skills to exquisite perfection!

**Continuing Education credits available for Art Education Professionals**

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Indigenous Roots / Eagle & Condor Adventures  (coming soon!)

For those seeking to connect with the Native wisdom that is alive and present on our planet today, and has been for thousands of years.  These educational adventures are an integration of native values, cultural traditions, primitive skills and indigenous history.  Our intention is to learn from and heal the ancient wound that has occurred between various cultures throughout the evolution of humanity.  These adventures weave native wisdom into our modern culture in a way that we as a global society feel inspired to move forward in a healthy, peaceful, sacred and sustainable manner.





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