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Exploring the Nature of Creativity and Mindfulness in Design

Tour Mission Statement:

To immerse design professionals in a rich, transformative and ecologically based experience that inspires them to make healthy, creative and sustainable choices in their daily lives and professional careers.   Our intimate tours are a combination of adventure travel and ecologic design inspiration, ranging from 2-10 days with 8-14 guests.

Guests stay in or visit ecologically designed lodgings and are educated about the building methods, materials and systems that are utilized in the structures.  We go on adventures that connect us to nature, revitalize our bodies and remind us that the environment is the foundational element of everything we experience.  We practice yoga to explore healthy relationships between various elements of life and design.  We eat delicious, whole, healthy, nutrient rich foods and learn about the benefits organic agriculture.  We explore the practices, possibilities and implementation of healthy societal systems.  We integrate all of these elements together to create transformational experiences that inspire our guests to make mindful decisions in life and design that support the optimal health of the planet as a whole.

**Continuing Education Credits available for AIA & USGBC members**


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Elements of Tour


Designing systems and solutions in harmony with nature to meet our needs in the most healthy and efficient manner possible.  Allowing nature and observation to be our guides as we bring natural elements together in creative, mindful and innovative ways.  Exploring the principles and practices of permaculture design.


Stimulating our minds and bodies with adventurous activities that connect us to nature.  Exploring the edges of our physical and mental boundaries.  Invigorating our bodies and opening our minds to the immense beauty, power and potential that is all around us.  Exploring the edges of our comfort zones, stimulating personal growth and helping us break free from stagnation.


Understanding that mother nature is the foundation that supports us and provides us with all we need.  A commitment to keeping her strong and healthy so we as humans are in a mutually beneficial relationship with nature.  Observing the patterns that are all around us and learning from the wisdom of nature (ie. the divine ratio / golden mean / sacred geometry).  Observing the strength and intelligence of an interconnected system that thrives on biodiversity.

Yoga & Meditation

Exploring the science of the relationship between the physical, mental and spiritual elements of life.  Cultivating the optimal flow of energy and connection that supports a joyful, healthy and fulfilling life experience.  Internally we have the relationship of mind, body and spirit; while externally in design we have the interconnected relationships of natural resources, materials, building methodologies and intentions.  Consciously aligning all of these elements in a way that supports optimal evolution of the planet as a whole.

Food & Nutrition

Food is the fuel we use to feed our bodies, minds and creativity.  The quality of nutrition we provide for ourselves affects the clarity of our minds and the quality of our designs.  We want to support our personal health and vitality with clean, nutrient rich, whole foods.  Food is a foundational element that integrates the internal and external.  With a healthy planet we can have healthy soil and organic farms that produce nutrient rich food.  With nutrient rich foods we can feed our minds and bodies with clean sources of fuel.  With clean sources of fuel we can develop innovative designs that contribute to a healthy world.


Cultivating a deep understanding that everything is connected.  An awareness of where our values meet our actions.  A realization that our intentions are the ingredients that form our thoughts, words and actions.  In every moment of life we have the ever-present opportunity to make decisions what lead us to our next steps and experiences in life.  Mindfulness practices keep the nutrients and sources of our thoughts as clean, clear, healthy, pure and life-affirming as possible.  With clear values and pure intentions we have the opportunity to consciously make decisions in life that support the optimal health of the planet as a whole.

Holistic Lifestyle Design

Once we have cultivated awareness, focus and discipline to make mindful decisions we have ample opportunities in our daily lives to make decisions that support the health of all.  This includes every step of life, from what types of projects we work on, what types of designs we develop, what we eat, what we wear, what types of hygiene products we use, what we buy, what we don’t buy, what we throw away and what we recycle.  In every moment of life we have the opportunity to consciously choose how we interact with the world around us.  Our intention is to design a life that is aligned and congruent with our core values of creating a world that is healthy and beautiful.


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Primary Topics of Focus

Primary Topics of Focus (implementation of most ecologically sustainable systems possible)

  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Consumer Choices

Potential Guest Industries

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering / Construction / Building
  • Urban/City Planning
  • Design/Graduate Students

Ecologic Design Principles, Methods & Systems

  • Natural Building Materials & Methods
    • strawbale
    • cob
    • super-adobe / rammed earth
  • Appropriate Technology & Efficient Systems
    • grey/black water systems
    • rainwater catchment
    • natural daylighting
    • passive solar heating and cooling
    • solar hot water
    • renewable energy sources
    • prefab building materials & methods
    • high efficiency insulation & fenestration

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Research & Education

Supporting Nonprofit Research and Education for Ecologically Designed Systems

A percentage of profits from each tour will be donated to a non-profit research and education program that is developing replicable models for ecologically designed neighborhoods, villages and communities.  Local Earth is a nonprofit organization based in San Diego, CA that is committed to supporting the progress of sustainable community development.

The 1st phase of the Local Earth Village Development Model is an interdisciplinary, open-source Eco-Design Challenge to build the world’s most affordable and ecologically designed home for a semi-arid, temperate environment.  Participants in this design challenge will include both university students and working professionals.  The winning home design with be included in the community development plan for Local Earth Villages.  The Local Earth Villages will serve as innovative societal models for urban planning and sustainable community development.

Phase II will be focused on a Living Cluster Model for 10-15 people (baseline -12 people) that includes ecologically designed systems for housing, food production, energy generation, water and waste management.  In the following phase this Living Cluster Model for 10-15 people will then be replicated and incorporated into the EcoVillage Design Model for approximately 140-150 people (baseline -12 Living Cluster Model’s of 12 people = 144 people).  These open-source neighborhood, village and community designs will be utilized to inspire the most ecologically efficient living systems possible.

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