This adventure is designed to remind us all, how many creative and earth-friendly options are available to us in life and in our careers.  At times we get stuck in a standard routine we have been doing for years and it can be challenging to create new patterns.  It often takes a fresh and rejuvenating experience in a new environment to help shift our perspective and open our minds to the countless opportunities that lay before us.  It is for this reason we provide our guests with a potent combination of fun, inspiration, education and adventure!

We will be practicing yoga; exploring our relationship to self and everything around us.  Guided by the experts at Joshua Tree Uprising we will be rock climbing in the majestic high desert setting of Joshua Tree National Park; exploring our connection to nature and honoring the importance of a healthy natural environment.  We will also have the honor of visiting several unique, innovative and stunning building projects that are guaranteed to inspire the design loving aspects of your soul!

The blueprints of the Integratron are claimed to have been downloaded to the designer/builder by aliens!!  This acoustically perfect structure was built completely out of wood with no metal by George Van Tassel in 1954.  The harmonic design of this structure is intended for sound to resonate at such a perfectly attuned frequency that it is revitalizing and rejuvenating to our bodies at a cellular level.  We will be enjoying a crystal bowl sound bath in this fantastic structure!

We will be experiencing the organic flowing structures of Bonita Domes that integrate harmoniously into the surrounding desert environment of Joshua Tree.  The structures were built from soil on the site with a technique called rammed-earth, earth-bag or super-adobe taught by architect Nader Khalili at Cal-Earth (California Institute of Earth Art & Architecture).  An inspiring line of poetry from Rumi (13th Century poet) and mantra that helped guide the work of Nader was this, “Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise”.  We will be visiting an elegantly designed strawbale bed and breakfast in Joshua Tree named Sacred Sands that will have you wanting to return for a romantic getaway sometime in the future!  It is our intention here at Wanderfoot to create holistic adventures that nurture and inspire all aspects of the self.

Saturday night we will be staying in an eclectic collection of repurposed and retrofitted airstream trailers and train cars called Hicksville Trailer Palace & Artist Retreat.  This unique, off-the-beaten-path retreat center is a funky, solar powered oasis of creativity and imagination.  We will enjoy a guided fireside eco-chat around the campfire Saturday evening at Hicksville. The focus of the discussion will be collaborating on ideas that we feel will improve the health of our local communities and global environment.

Listed above are a few of the highlights we will be experiencing on this tour.  We invite you to join us and co-create the magic between the events that only human beings can create.  We are each brought to this earth with unique gifts and talents; when we come together as collaborators with the intention of supporting one another and working together to find innovative solutions to the world’s current challenges powerful things happen.  We will have fun… we will learn … and we will work together to create the most healthy and beautiful world possible.  Allow us to provide you with a spark to live the most healthy, creative and fulfilling life possible!!  We invite you to join us on this adventure!!

(Also as part of the San Diego Sustainable Design Symposium on Friday, October 16th)

We will be touring the double LEED Platinum certified Energy Innovation Center here in San Diego.  The EIC is 1 of 10 buildings in the world to receive a double Platinum certification.  During our tour at the EIC we will discover the latest in energy and environmental technologies.  The building exhibits a solar system that produces 20% more energy than it needs on a daily basis and a community garden fed by a rainwater catchment system and grey water system amongst many other inspiring features.  While at the EIC we will have the privilege of being educated by specialists in the fields of permaculture design, natural building and efficient water systems.

**AIA and USGBC members will receive Continuing Education Credits for the Eco-Design Tour & Sustainable Design Symposium**

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