If you are looking for a unique, adventurous and magical experience in Maui… we have found your spot!!  This structure was hand-crafted in Bali while being beautifully designed and built into this lush sloping Hawaiian hillside.  This cozy until is perched within the trees providing an expansive view of the valley and jungle below.  Another highlight of this location is the steward of the land.  Prepare to be inspired and uplifted by Tom Sewell, a proclaimed “Master of mischief, maker of dreams”.  Mr. Sewell is a multi-media artist, designer, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor and environmental visionary.  The combination of this amazing place to stay and the graciousness of such an inspiring steward of the land, this is a must visit while on Maui!  Contact Mr. Sewell for more details on the property and Bali Treehouse. (see website)

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other views of the property

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