We hope you are ready for something special!!  Take a wander with us through this forward thinking societal experiment conceived by Italian architect Paolo Soleri.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time at this unique and inspiring place.  One of the most inspiring aspects of our visit was meeting the people that live and work at Arcosanti – the community that carries the dream forward and keeps the flame alive!  If you are looking for a totally unique place to stay come check out the rooms they have they have that can be reserved by the public.  If you are interested in getting more involved in the community take a look through the workshop options on their website. (see website)

As stated on their website, “Arcosanti is an urban laboratory focused on innovative design, community, and environmental accountability. Our goal is to actively pursue lean alternatives to urban sprawl based on Paolo Soleri’s theory of compact city design, Arcology (architecture + ecology).  Built by over 7,000 volunteers since the commencement of the project in 1970, Arcosanti provides various mixed-use buildings and public spaces where people live, work, visit, and participate in educational and cultural programs.

Another unique and awesome part of the Arcosanti experience was learning about the beautiful handmade artisan bells that are made onsite at the ceramics studio and metal foundry.  Check out the awesome bells and inspiring designs of this visionary architect!!

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